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This is my last resort

Suicidal support
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~♥~Welcome to suicide_support~♥~
*This community is a support forum for people who suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts as well as those who have lost someone to suicide. For that matter, this community is for anyone who wants to be a part of a support system for people who are affected by suicide, regardless of who they are.
this is not a community that supposts suicide
*Not just people who commit suicide are affected they often leave family and friends behind to live with it and to try to get answers to those questions that never got asked.

*this community is now a closed membership community. in order for you to join, please contact the sites maintainer.

Also, just a side nonte, anon posting and non member posting of comments is no longer allowed.

*Once you have been granted a membership here you're welcome here so long as you follow the rules:

No judgement. you're no better than anyone else in the community regardless of your age or experience.

No discussion of suicide methods in detail. nobody really needs to know the details of how you plan to (or attempted to) do it. Please think of the other members of this community when you post. If you feel that your post is triggering, place it behind a cut.

the rules are simple. but if you break them your post, comment whatever will be deleted and you will be given one warning. do it again, and you're out.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!